This faculty of the PLURIversity will come to include several independent initiatives.We will begin in August 2016 with workshops to create a special sort of DIY re-usable zine.


Animated by Shieko Reto, from Malaysia.

*Pluriculturalism is a term developed independently by Perpetuum Mobile in the course of projects such as the Re-Aligned Project and the Perpetual Romani-Gypsy Pavilion to describe a new way of thinking about cultural exchange and hybridity. See, for example,



Trans-Art Therapy

Making a (Trans & Queer) Zine Together


Animator: Shieko Reto


A part of PLURIversity - A Perpetuum Mobilization






There are many ways to express yourself and your identity as a member of LGBTIQ person. Art is one of the medium and its therapeutic. Let’s get together, draw and make a zine. Later the zine can be turned into a coloring book and everyone can bring back a copy and later color it whenever convenient to you.


Workshop seats are limited.

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